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  • What is Clyde Motors Bidding Platform and how does it work?

Clyde Motors is your destination to purchase clean locally used, and Foreign vehicles, available through Auto Auctions. These vehicle auctions were previously only available to those with a dealers license, but now with Clyde Motors anyone can bid!

To get started, simply register or log in to place your first bid.

  • What types of plans does Clyde Motors have?

With a free Basic membership you will be able to bid on items in the Preliminary Bidding. You are only able to purchase one vehicle with a Basic membership.

  • What are the requirements to join Clyde Motors?

To become a member, you must provide contact information, including a valid email address, and a valid driver’s license or a passport if you are an international customer.

  • Do members need a dealer's license?

No. One of the benefits of Clyde Motors is the ability to participate in auto auctions without a dealer license. Anyone who wants to buy a vehicle at auction is welcome.

  • Why do you need a copy of my ID?

We require a copy of your ID for your security and protection. We use your ID to verify the name on the account, and to ensure that all paperwork processed is consistent with the individual who purchased the vehicle. We also must verify that the member is over the age of 18.

  • How soon can I start bidding?

You can begin bidding immediately after you become a member of Clyde Motors Bidding Platform.