Picking Up Vehicle

  • When can I pick up a vehicle I won?

You can pick up the vehicle or arrange for shipping as soon as you receive the email from us confirming that the vehicle is ready for pick-up.

You will need to sign the bill of sale and other sales documents before you will receive this notice. Typically, you will receive notification the same day payment is applied and processed, and the documents are signed.

  • How long do I have to pick up the vehicle?

The vehicle must be picked up within 3 business days including the sale date. After that, a minimum fee of Ksh.1000 per day in storage fees will be charged.

For example, if the sale is Monday, then the vehicle must be picked up no later than Wednesday. Storage fees would begin Thursday.

  • What is required before I can pick up the vehicle?

In order to pick-up your vehicle, you must have paid your invoice in full and have a zero balance to Clyde Motors Company Ltd.

In addition, you will need to sign the bill of sale and other sales documents. Clyde Motors Bidding Platform will email you pick-up instructions including the yards address, hours and pick-up authorization.

  • Do you offer shipping services?

Clyde Motors Bidding Platform is not able to provide shipping, but we do suggest working with EasyHaul.com for all of your vehicle shipping needs. EasyHaul specializes in professional vehicle transportation, both domestic and international.