How do I place a bid?

After completing the registration and placing your refundable security deposit, find the vehicle you are interested in. To bid in the Preliminary bidding, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle in the field labelled “Enter Your Maximum Possible Bid”, and press “Bid Now”.

  • If you are a Premium member you can also bid during the live auction.
  • What is Preliminary Bidding?

Preliminary Bidding is the bidding period leading up to the Live Auction.

Bidders enter a maximum bid for the vehicle they would like to purchase. The bidder with the highest preliminary bid is then represented by the Clyde Motors system at the live auction.

Clyde Motors Bidding Platform works to win the vehicle at the lowest possible price, sometimes coming in below the bidder’s maximum bid. To be represented at the live auction, the bidder must first bid online and have the winning preliminary bid.

  • What is the Live Auction?

The Live Auction happens after the Preliminary Bidding, and is the final bidding period for every item. Participation in the live auction is only available to Clyde Motors Premium members.

When the live auction starts for the yard where the vehicle is located, an item number will be assigned for the vehicle in the order sequence of how the yard will be auctioning the vehicles.

The live auction screen is on the listing and will be in red for you. It will tell you what item number your vehicle is and the current item number that they are on. You will have to wait for your vehicle item number to come up. Once the vehicle comes up, the whole box will turn green and the button to place your bid will activate. You will simply have to click on that button to place your bid. The bid amount will already be preset for you for the next upcoming increment.

  • What is ‘Buy It Now’?

Some vehicles have a “Buy It Now” option, where the seller is willing to sell the vehicle immediately at the price listed. To be able to purchase a car using ‘But It Now’ you will need to have a Clyde Motors account. All normal fees are still applicable with a buy it now purchase.

  • Can I cancel my bid?

Once a bid is placed, it cannot be canceled or reduced in any way. Make sure that you are confident in your bid before you place it. If you end up winning the bid that you placed by accident, you will be responsible for the vehicle and completing the sale.

  • What is the Bidding Limit?

Your bidding limit is the maximum amount you are able to bid at any given time. It also restricts how many vehicles you can bid on. The bidding limit is determined by your security deposit as well as membership type. Only Premium members are able to have multiple bids at once.

  • How long am I able to bid on each vehicle?

Each auction has a “Time Left” indicator at the top right of the auction box. This will inform you how long you have to place your bid before the live online auction begins.

  • Can I buy vehicles that state ‘Dealer Only’?

With Clyde Motors, you are able to purchase vehicles that are not normally available to the public. This includes vehicles that state Dealer Only.

  • How do I know that I am the highest bidder?

If you win the preliminary bid, you will automatically be represented by the Clyde Motors system in the live auction.

Clyde Motors will bid the next highest increment throughout the auction until your maximum bid is reached, working to win you the vehicle at the lowest possible cost.

If you are the highest bidder, Clyde Motors will email you as soon as we are notified by the auction that the sale has completed. All final winning bids have to go through an approval process with the seller. This can take two business days. Once approved, your purchase will automatically appear in ‘My Account’ under ‘Purchases’ and an email confirmation with your invoice will be sent to email on file.

  • I won the vehicle, why is it not on my account?

If you were the winning bidder after the live auction completed, your bid may be Award Pending. Your bid amount was submitted to the seller of the vehicle and we are waiting on an approval response. You will be emailed with your invoice attached if your bid was approved by the seller. Sellers have up to two business day to respond to the bid.

  • What does ‘Award Pending’ mean?

All final winning bids have to be submitted to sellers for approval. A lot of the sellers have a minimum amount that they are trying to receive for their vehicles. They have up to two business days to decide to sell the vehicle.